Terms and Conditions

The online store available at is run by DEBER Magnowska sp.j. , entered by the District Court of the Capital City of Koszalin in Koszalin, to the National Court Register - Register of Entrepreneurs under KRS number 0000293166. The company's headquarters is in Koszalin, at ul. Zwycięstwa 73/3. We are registered under the NIP number: 669-245-36-13, Regon: 320439981.

Shopping regulations

  1. The online store conducts retail sales via the Internet. Orders are accepted only through the website
  2. All products offered in the store are free from physical and legal defects, and have been legally placed on the Polish market.
  3. All prices on the website are gross prices (including VAT). We issue VAT invoices for every product sold.
  4. The ordered goods are delivered via specialized courier companies or via Poczta Polska. In some cases, it is possible to collect goods in person at DEBER Magnowska sp.j at the company's headquarters. The buyer is charged for delivery in the amount depending on the place of delivery.
  5. In a situation where there are large differences in the time of implementation or the method of packaging and delivery of individual goods, making up one order, the store may decide on its own to divide the order into smaller shipments. In this case, the overall delivery cost provided to the customer when placing the order does not change, but is only divided into individual partial shipments. If a part of the order is canceled, only the delivery costs that have been assigned to the undelivered or advertised part of the order are corrected.
  6. The following payment methods are possible:
  • at the cash register located at the company's headquarters. In some situations, the company reserves the right to additional telephone verification of this type of orders.
  • By transfer - after booking the ordered goods, an e-mail with the bank account number is sent. As soon as the payment is credited to our bank account, the order is sent for processing and then packed for dispatch.
  • Online Transfer - when choosing this type of payment a 1.39% commission is charged on the entire amount of the order. The paid amount is booked within 30 min. The entity providing the "Przelew Online" payment service is Blue Media S.A.
  • Paypal Transfer - when choosing this type of payment a 4.9% commission is charged on the entire amount of the order. The paid amount is booked within 30 min.

More about the delivery dates on the Order processing time page in the Help section.

  1. For some types of assortment, the store reserves the right to limit the payment method by disabling selected payment options on the site.
  2. An approximate execution of the order time is given for each product offered. It informs how many business days usually pass from the moment when the customer provides all necessary data and necessary elements to the time of preparation of the ordered goods and shipment. An order for goods with different execution of the order times is sent after completing the whole. i.e. after the longest of the times specified for the products ordered. In the event of a split order, individual shipments may be sent at different times, of which the customer is informed by email.
    If the delivery time turns out to be longer than indicated on our pages, we contact the buyer to inform about the delay and confirm further willingness to complete the order. It should be remembered that:

date of receipt of shipment = execution of the order time + delivery time

In the case of payment by bank transfer, the above deadline is additionally extended by the time of making the transfer, and in the case of card payment, by the time of payment authorization by an external payment system.
Shipments are delivered by Poczta Polska usually within 2-5 days, by courier - usually the next business day after shipment from our warehouse. The store is not responsible for delays in delivery caused by failure by courier companies to comply with transport and postal service contracts.

  1. In the case of personal collection of the possibility to receive the ordered goods to inform by e-mail. Shipment must be picked up within 14 days of receiving the information about the possibility of receiving the goods. The store is not responsible for the product that was not picked up within the given deadline and the order placed is canceled. More information about the possibility of personal pickup can be found on the Personal pickup page in the help tab.
  2. In the event of a complaint, applications should be made to the address ul. Zwycięstwa 73/3 75-006 Koszalin or by e-mail to After receiving the notification, the RMA number of the case will be assigned and you will receive a form to fill out by email. Please attach photographic documentation to the form, which will allow faster consideration of the complaint. Everything should be sent to the above e-mail address.
  3. Cases in which a complaint will not be accepted, among others
  • Color and brightness differences resulting from the way the product is presented through a web browser and viewing on different screens (we do not recommend making decisions after viewing the products only via a smartphone) regardless of the calibration method
  • The client's wrong choice of size, pattern and finish
  1. When specifying the manner of fulfilling the store's obligations, the Customer has the right to demand that it be brought into line with the contract by free repair or replacement, unless repair or replacement is impossible or requires excessive costs. If the store is not able to comply with certain requests, the customer has the right to demand a price reduction or may withdraw from the contract.
  2. The store will respond to customer requests within 2 business days of notification of non-compliance of the goods with the contract. The day of submitting a complaint is the day of delivery of the advertised product to the company's headquarters. If additional technical expertise is required by us or external companies, this period may be extended to 14 days. If, within 14 days, the store does not respond to the customer's requests, it means that it considered the requests justified
  3. Deber Magnowska sp.j. is a custom production site. The buyer determines the parameters of the order - chooses graphics, material, print size and possibly finishing options.
  4. The product ordered by the Buyer is configured on the basis of an individual detailed order, therefore in accordance with art. 38 point 3 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827, as amended) the right to withdraw from a contract concluded outside the business premises or at a distance Buyer is not entitled. Art. 38 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on Consumer Rights, among others in situation:
  • for the provision of services, if the entrepreneur has fully performed the service with the express consent of the Consumer, who was informed before the start of the service that after the performance of the service by the entrepreneur will lose the right to withdraw from the contract
  • in which the price or remuneration depends on fluctuations in the financial market over which the entrepreneur has no control, and which may occur before the deadline to withdraw from the contract
  • in which the subject of the service is a non-prefabricated item, manufactured according to the Consumer's specifications or serving to satisfy his individual needs
  • in which the subject of the service is a non-prefabricated item, manufactured according to the Consumer's specifications or serving to satisfy his individual needs, in which the subject of the service is a non-prefabricated item, manufactured according to the specifications of the Consumer or serving to satisfy his individual needs
  • in which the subject of the service is an item that deteriorates quickly or has a short shelf life
  • in which the subject of the service is an item delivered in a sealed package, which after opening the package cannot be returned due to health protection or hygiene reasons, if the packaging was opened after delivery
  • in which the subject of the service are things that after delivery, due to their nature, are inseparably connected with other things
  1. The store and the customer may withdraw from the contract if the materials sent to complete the order do not meet the quality requirements necessary to complete the order. Both parties do not bear any consequences in this respect.
  2. Always check that the packaging has not been damaged during transport before picking up a parcel from the post office or a courier. In particular, pay attention to the condition of the tapes or seals affixed to the package. If the shipment's packaging shows signs of damage or if the seals (tapes) are broken, do not accept the parcel and make a damage report in the presence of the courier and contact the seller as soon as possible to clarify the matter. Failure to identify any irregularities in the quantitative or qualitative status of the shipment upon receipt may have a negative impact on the outcome of the consideration of the Customer's claims for damage or theft of the shipment in transit.
  3. Information on the store's website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. The customer placing an order using the mechanisms available on the website of the store, makes an offer to buy specific goods on the conditions specified in the product description. The moment of conclusion of the purchase and sale agreement takes place during the written confirmation of receipt of the goods by the customer.
  4. The Store reserves the right to refuse to process an order in a situation where the history of cooperation undermines the credibility and reliability of the customer.
  5. DEBER Magnowska Sp.J. does not sell its products in the form of photo backgrounds to entrepreneurs conducting photographic activities in the city of Koszalin and within up to 50 km from Koszalin in connection with the protection of the interests of the company's owners.
  6. The administrator of the database of personal data provided by customers of the online store in connection with purchases is DEBER Magnowska sp.j. . Personal data is used to implement sales contracts, and therefore may be transferred to entities responsible for the delivery of purchased goods to the customer. Customers have the right to access their data and to amend it. Data is provided voluntarily.
  7. The customer making a purchase in the store agrees for the store to process the customer's personal data in order to complete the survey with an opinion on the transaction made in the store (in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29.08.1997).
  8. The Regulations set out the rules for shopping in the store. Placing and confirming the order is tantamount to agreeing to all the provisions and information contained in the regulations.