Photographic backdrop

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fabric backdrops

Please, make sure to read all the information provided in the product card tabs.

If you’re unsure how to make the right choice and match the backdrop to your needs, please read through the information on the "How to choose a backdrop" page.

Please, keep in mind we can offer a tailored backdrop to match your individual needs and studio space.

All our backdrops are made using materials specifically selected by our company, based on twenty years of experience in the photographic industry. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products and the way we design our backdrops provides means to optimise workflow with minimal storage requirements. The main advantages of our fabric backdrops are: no glare, lightweight, washable and safe to iron, odourless Further details and information can be found in the description tabs on the product card. In case of any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Contact details can be found here

Please, be aware that the backdrops ordered from our shop are created for each individual order and are not returnable without providing an acceptable reason. Therefore, they are subject to Article 38 p.1 and 3 of the Consumer Rights Act. We are happy to provide a small (paid) sample for you to check the fabric prior to placing an order.

Please, be aware that the physical backdrop may differ slightly in terms of brightness and colour from the product presented in the shop. This is because each screen is individually calibrated and has different brightness settings, especially if the product is being viewed on a mobile phone or a tablet where contrast is usually higher. In addition, colours will also differ in photographs where a studio light has been used (in comparison to natural light). And lastly, individual editing style can also greatly affect the final outcome distorting the original pattern. For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Contact details can be found here

Backdrop’s properties:

  • sizes available: between 160cm and 300cm wide, up to 10m long,
  • sizing explained: 160×200 means: the backdrop measuring 160cm in width and 200cm in length,
  • specialist material, which does not cause glare (the type of the material is a trade secret),
  • does not crease, scratch or lose paint; it doesn’t smudge or emit odours,
  • it can be washed at 40 C degrees (do not bleach),
  • it can be ironed on its left side (depending on an iron we advise starting with the lowest setting gradually increasing the temperature); it can be also steamed on its printed side with a standard shirt steamer (this is the quickest and most advised method),
  • it’s lightweight and easy to fold; these backdrops are perfect for small spaces and car transportations,
  • material weight 205g/m2


  • top:
    • every backdrop measuring up to 200cm in width comes with a 7cm tunnel,
    • backdrops wider than 200cm can also come with a tunnel (upon client’s explicit request), however, we do not advise this option, as a longer seam can contribute to excessive creasing,
    • instead, there’s an option of adding an ‘extender’ (an extra fabric attached to the backdrop in either white or colour similar to the backdrop’s design)
  • bottom – there’s a weight sewn into the bottom fold to ensure the backdrop is evenly stretched,
  • all fabric backdrops up to 200cm wide are equipped with a wooden pole for easier winding and storing,
  • backdrops wider than 200cm come with no wooden pole, as this would significantly increase the price of posting,
  • in backdrops wider than 200cm the bottom weight is split into two parts, which allows folding of the backdrop for posting

Below we present you the standard framing for the sizes sold. In this way, the background will be cropped if you do not describe your comments when placing the order or do not agree on changes by e-mail with an employee of the company. If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail. Contact details can be found here

frame - 250 cm width x 200 height cm, 200 cm width x 160 height cm

cropping for size 250 cm width x 200 height cm

framing for square sizes

framing for square sizes